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My name is Alexa Young

I'm Latoya Weeks, BSN RN and I am an aesthetic nurse injector and founder of Nifty Beauty Bar. I help clients feel more confident in their looks and enhance their physical appearance. My approach is to help you achieve natural-looking results, using skincare, fillers for facial balancing, and wrinkle prevention with botulinum toxin. 

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Latoya Weeks, BSN RN

Some stories are meant to be told.


Before becoming a nurse, I completed my first bachelors in art and design in while living in NYC. I've always had a knack for creativity, problem-solving, and helping others. I was an artist who became a nurse, and now I am a nurse who uses my artistic side to treat and enhance faces.


When I started my career as a registered nurse in 2017, I never would have imagined what the journey to where I am today would look like. 

That’s because for me, it was a career that almost didn’t happen. 

In 2017, I got the absolute confirmation that I had lost the majority of my hearing for good and there was nothing that could be done to reverse it. There was nothing I wanted to do more than to be a nurse, so I took it upon myself to learn how to navigate the world as a healthcare provider who is deaf. That meant learning how to hear sounds again (and for the first time) while being resourceful to create new solutions.


My approach to nursing is to give my undivided attention and care to the person in front of me as I treat them. As a deep-thinker and minimalist at heart, I am not easily fazed by trends and over-the-top looks in aesthetics. My style of aesthetic nursing is about innovation, research-driven results, and of course art. I believe in working with your natural features and not against them in a less-is-more approach to balancing the face. By doing so, we can achieve the most realistic and undetectable results.

As of today,  my experience beyond aesthetics spans across years in multiple nursing specialties such as ICU, medical-surgical, and gastroenterology. As a licensed professional, I work within my scope of practice under the direct supervision of my medical director, Dr. Peggy Bastien, MD. and alongside Ashley Escoe, NP. 

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